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Peak Dotwork Ballpoint Pen Drawing Cartridges

Perform dotwork and stippling at your peak with Peak's Ballpoint Pen Drawing Cartridge. Just fit the cartridge easily into any universal cartridge machine. Then, power on your machine and draw away on paper, canvas, wood, and more.

The Ballpoint Pen Drawing Cartridge makes hand-drawing not only an invaluable practice method that feels like real tattooing and PMU. These ballpoint pen cartridges are ideal for linework, shading, stippling, dotwork, all of which are key techniques for improving your tattoo or PMU craft. These ballpoint pen cartridges also let you create artwork for your portfolio on a variety of mediums (aside from skin).

Key Features:
  • Ballpoint pen cartridge
  • For tattoo and PMU practice
  • Draw on paper, canvas, wood, and more
  • ~1.75" worth of ink inside the pen tube
  • Pen can draw a line up to ~657' before running out of ink
  • Used for peak-level dotwork, stippling, whipshading + linework practice
  • Can improve your PMU hair stroke and powder brow techniques
  • Fits into any universal cartridge tattoo machine
  • Gives you a hand-drawing experience that feels like tattooing
  • Certified Peak tools and accessories
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