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Authority Power Equipment

Authority Power Premium RCA Cable

A premium cable that’s actually, you know, made out of premium cable.

Built in the USA from some of the best-for-the-task parts available in the world.

A careful pairing of 8 ft of Mogami cabling with an Amphenol RCA Connector and a Neutrik 2 pole 1/4” Phono Connector make for a robust power cable that hits the sweet spots of durability and flexibility while minimizing weight, and power loss.

Both connectors feature a durable and attractive die cast zinc alloy housing with black chromium plating to complement modern high end power supplies and machines.

Precision-machined gold-plated contacts prevent corrosion and ensure precise and uninterrupted power flow for the life of the cable.

Flexible polyacetal boots, paired with an oversized internal cable clamp within the RCA connector, and an internal chuck system within the ¼ connector provide reliable strain relief that doesn’t just look pretty and limit cable bend at the connector, but unlike your traditional spring strain reliefs, they hold the cable tight and prevent “pullout,” eliminating strain on the internal solder joints.

Made with a legendary cable that built its reputation with professionals as the go-to for wiring up effects pedals and stomp boxes, for taking the abuse of years on the road, and being trampled on high energy stages without batting an eyelash.

Its uniquely wrapped shield conductor provides for a small cross section of 5mm, and an incredible flexibility not normally found in a cable offering such a high level of durability.

It boasts a flexlife of over 11,000 flexes and a tensile strength of over 68 lbs.

Its PVC Jacket holds up to constant cleaning and won’t become gummy and collect filth like we’re all accustomed to with your average “premium” silicone cable.

This cable isn’t going to fall apart when you unplug it, clean it, when you toss it in your tool chest, when you roll over it with your chair, or when you look at it the wrong way. We Know. We've been let down by other "premium" cables too. This one's different.



Mogami has always had a relentless devotion to quality, integrity and ethical business practices. Every foot of Mogami cable is made in Nagano, Japan under the direct supervision of the company founder who continues to work every day. Comprised of true craftsmen, Mogami refuses to compromise quality for cost savings, and never copies the work of others. In today's global economy, it's often difficult to track who really makes a branded cable or other products. Unlike such brands, Mogami completely controls its design and manufacturing process and will never use a "silent partner" factory. Each product is certified to meet very rigid specifications, which are published and verifiable. There are no "secret ingredients" or mysticism attached to the performance of our products. Mogami is also dedicated to responsible manufacturing and was the first cable factory to meet RoHS requirements for everything they make.

There is no single magic bullet for cable design. Superior design is a mix of conductor material, dielectric, conductor and shield geometry, jacket stiffness, along with fanatical dedication to manufacturing quality. Only technical expertise combined with years of experience can result in the kind of performance that transcends the ordinary.

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